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Special Lecture by Distinguished Visiting Professor Frances Mary Morris CBE

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  • Date2024.04.11
  • 28430

Special Lecture by Distinguished Visiting Professor Frances Mary Morris CBE 

The College of Art & Design hosted a special lecture by Distinguished Visiting Professor Frances Mary Morris CBE, a leading authority on modern art, at Emerson Chapel on Thursday, April 11.

현대미술 최고 권위자 프란시스 모리스 초빙석좌교수 특강 개최Professor Morris served for seven years as the first female director of Tate Modern in the UK, the world’s premier museum of modern and contemporary art, where she continues to contribute to date as Director Emerita. Ewha has implemented its development strategy, “Ewha Vision 2030+,” with the aim of solidifying its status as a research-intensive university by generating world-class research outcomes. As part of the “Ewha Frontier 10-10 project,” Professor Morris was invited to Ewha in February 2024 as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of the painting major and the Interdisciplinary Program of Media Arts & Technology.  

Throughout her career, Professor Morris has presented cutting-edge exhibition spaces that innovate and pioneer exhibition themes and methodologies of modern art as her contribution toward defining the direction of modern art in the 21st century. In this lecture titled “Tate Modern: Ecologies of Transformation,” Professor Morris shared her experiences at Tate Modern over her tenure of more than 20 years as a representative director and veteran curator.

test현대미술 최고 권위자 프란시스 모리스 초빙석좌교수 특강 개최“I found myself drawn to Ewha because of the affinity I felt toward working alongside young working-level staff as I built a lifelong career at Tate Modern,” remarked Professor Morris. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to reflect on my career at Tate Modern and to work with a critical and open mindset with the brilliant students and distinguished faculty at Ewha.” During the Q&A session following the special lecture, a flurry of questions added to the excitement of the event. Ewha students asked various questions, such as the most ideal form of diversity to pursue as a museum director and an artist, the role of museums in the future, and the impact of climate change on artists. 

In addition to the lecture, Professor Morris is also teaching the course “Field-based Criticism I: Art and Criticism” this semester. Drawing on her experience at Tate Modern, Professor Morris explores the changing paradigm of contemporary exhibitions and the role of museums while presenting an opportunity for discourse and discussion to break free from existing hierarchical structures and preconceptions.