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University Health Service Center

대학건강센터 위치 및 연락처
Location Human Ecology Bld B1F/Alumnae Bld 2F Contact information +82-2-3277-3172~3181
E-mail healthservice@ewha.ac.kr Fax +82-2-3277-3180
Homepage http://ehealth.ewha.ac.kr

The Ewha University Health Service Center( EUHS) is a student welfare organization that provides students with health and medical care services to keep the campus healthy.

Guidelines for Using the University Health Service Center

  1. EUHS is open to all members; membership is obtainedimmediately upon payment of the student health fee.
  2. Lunch time 12:00-13:00
Guidelines for Using the University Health Service Center
RoomNo. Department(call lines oncampus) Services Cost Operation Hours(Lunch hour is from12:00 to 13:00) Appointments
1 Consultation Room(3174) 1. Treatment ofpatients2. Issuance ofrequests for treatment at University Medical Centers None Mon-Fri

Pharmacy(3175) 1. Fillingprescriptions2. Providing advaceand medicine None

2 Dental Department (3176) Dentist Consultation: Periodontics, Conservative dentistry None Tue, Thur
Visit the Dentistand make appointments
Scaling(teeth cleaning) Fees Mon-Thur
Foron-line appointments, go to the EUHShomepage ▶ On-line appointments ▶ Scaling
Oral examinations None
3 Health Care Room(3173, 3178) Medical Checkup None Being Discussed For on-lineappointments, go to the EUHS homepage ▶ On-lineappointments ▶ MedicalCheckup
Vaccinations (hepatitis B, MMR,hepatitis A, HPV, Tdap, typhoid, varicella) Fees Mon-Fri
For vaccinationappointments, go to the EUHS homepage ▶ On-line appointments ▶ Vaccination
Vaccination (flu) Fees Oct-Nov For flu vaccinationappointments, go to the EUHS homepage ▶ On-line appointments ▶ Flu
Student HealthInsurance Room(3181) Payment for student health fees (to enroll in the University HealthService) accepted here Mon-Fri
4 Health Education Room(3179) Special consultation(OB-GYN, Dermatology, Psychiatry) None Mar-May, Sep-Nov (monthly)
During the Semester
For consultationappointments, go to the Center homepage ▶ On-line appointments ▶ make an appointment with the relevant department
6 X-ray Room(3179) X-rays examination (chest X-rays) Fees Mon-Thur

7 Clinical ExaminationRoom(3177) blood, urine tests Fees Mon-Fri

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