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The Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation


The Graduate School of Interpretation was established in March 1997.

Ewha GSTI (Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation) provides professional training in interpretation and translation. Graduate students who are enrolled in the masters and doctoral programs undergo rigorous training and carry out in-depth research to become qualified as specialists in inter-cultural communication.

The Ewha Research Institute for Translation Studies (ERITS) serves as an important link between professional fields and students and focuses on research in translation and interpretation studies. Ewha GSTI currently offers Interpretation and Translation Programs in four language combinations: Korean-English, Korean-French, Korean-Chinese and Korean-Japanese.

Inter-program transfers are allowed for students who wish to enrich and broaden their training experience at GSTI. In addition, as part of an open-door policy, advanced entry (into the second year) is available for linguistically qualified people with MA degrees in other areas, as well as professional interpreters and translators who wish to further their expertise by undergoing formal training.

Mikyung Choi(Department of Interpreting & Translation)
International Education Building 302


통역번역센터 설립

The aim of education

In the borderless world we live in today, global integration and technological development are accelerating change and intensifying competition in all sectors of society. Ewha GSTI was established to respond to this new era to meet the great demand for professionals with expertise in international and inter-cultural communication.

Equipped with advanced training facilities of the highest international standards, Ewha GSTI has gained the reputation as a premier T&I educational institution. The unrivaled quality of its training program is clearly evident in the many graduates who enjoy rewarding and successful careers as professionals in the field of interpretation and translation.