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Hosting the Fifth Ewha Medi-Tech Forum

  • 작성처
  • Date2021.03.26
  • 3869

Positive Expectations for the Advanced Convergence Research Medi-Cluster, Connecting Ewha University Mokdong Hospital (EUMC) and Seoul Hospital and the Ewha Sinchon Campus 

The ELTEC College of Engineering and Ewha Womans University Medical Center jointly hosted the fifth Ewha Medi-Tech Forum in the main hall (floor B2) of Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital on Wednesday, May 24. The event marked its fifth anniversary since 2018, drawing the participation of Ewha’s ELTEC College of Engineering, College of Science and Industry Convergence, Ewha Womans University Medical Center in addition to companies related to cutting-edge medical technology. Various researchers and professional from these institutions presented lectures and held discussions over the present and future of AI-based biomedical R&D. 

“For years, the Ewha Medi-Tech Forum has been forming an academic network around the university’s medical and engineering schools and contributed to the vitalization of a convergence research group,” praised President Kim Eun-Mee of Ewha Womans University. “The school is making concerted efforts through the Ewha Medi-Tech Forum to transform the academic network between the Sinchon Campus, Ewha University College of Medicine, and Ewha Medical Center into the Ewha Leading-edge Medi Healthcare Cluster (ELEC),” emphasized the president. 

President Kim was followed by Ryu Kyung-Ha, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs at Ewha Womans University and Director of the Ewha Womans University Medical Center, who remarked, “The Ewha Medi-Tech Forum is a place where medical, biology, engineering researchers can gather and discuss the vitalization of interdisciplinary convergence joint research and its direction coincides with that of the ELEC,” adding that she “hopes for today’s event to become a forum for passionate discussions.” 

On the day, the forum opened with a special session titled “Trends in Supporting Projects for National Convergence Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which was presented by Lee Hyang-Sook, President of the Ewha University-Industry Collaboration Foundation and the Dean of Faculty and Research. It was followed by lectures from various speakers in and out of the school on topics such as “The present and future of advancements in AI” for the first session, “Advancements in medical robot technology for operating rooms” for the second session and “Applications of AI technology in the biomedical sector” for the third session. 

At the end of the forum, a discussion on recent key issues on bio and medical technology took place with a panel of speakers and chairs from the three sessions. “Through this forum, we will share knowhow from the AI convergence research projects that the university and the medical center have continuously conducted and present a future direction for nurturing AI professionals with a focus on field training in the University-industry Cooperation Building for the Ewha Leading-edge Medi Healthcare Cluster as well as the businesses and corporations located at M-Valley Complex in Magok district,” remarked Lee Hyang-Woon, President of the Convergence Medical Research Center at the EUMC and Director of Ewha Medi-Tech Research, expressing her high expectations and closing the event.